Our Mission

Make skateboarding more accessible.

No matter what style you choose, skateboarding is a great way to connect with others, get active, and improve your mental health. The ride is the reward.


Billy James

Director Of Digital


Tyler Mixon

Director Of Detail


Mikey Zuks

Director Of Photography

Carving For Peace

In 2023, we launched 'Carving For Peace,' a movement that brings people together through the joy of board sports. Our goal is simple: to use the excitement and community of boarding to spread compassion and understanding. It's about breaking down barriers and building a brighter future, one carve at a time.

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Michael Brooke launches SkateGeezer, one of the earliest skateboarding websites.


Publishes The Concrete Wave (History of Skateboarding) which sold over 42,000 copies. Co-founded the world’s first longboard magazine with Tom Browne - International Longboarder.


Publishes the first issue of Concrete Wave Magazine, which runs for 16 years. It also spawns a 52-part TV series that airs on Fuel TV.


Starts a movement of peace, balance and justice called Longboarding for Peace. Worked with police departments to trade unwanted guns for skateboards and highlighted the stories of the wrongfully convicted.


Billy starts Shred Shack, a website to help those researching skate setups. In April, he launches a YouTube Channel.


Shred Shack rebrands to Concrete Waves to carry on the soul of Concrete Wave Magazine.