Cruising improves mental health

Our mission is to get more people cruising / carving by inspiring & educating.

It's lifechanging

Just ask our community.

"Longboarding has significantly changed my life for the better. I've dealt with anxiety for a long time and have tried so many things. It has been one of the most beneficial activities."

Franco Franco, 38 years old

"To put it as simply as possible, skating is a way to get out of your head and helps pull you to be present in the moment with your board, your friends, and the world around you."

Matt Matt, 27 years old

"It's a huge part of my overall mental health. I feel so much better about where I am physically due to skating nearly every day. Rain or shine, day or night, that day is simply better when you've got a skateboard under you."

Name3 Matt, 31 years old

"After a medical issue restricted my ability to enjoy activities like running and kayaking, I discovered longboarding, which has significantly improved my mental and physical health through peaceful rides on local trails."

Name1 L.R. , 38 years old

"Skating has been a pivotal part of my recovery from a traumatic brain injury, enhancing both my mental and physical health during a challenging period of my life. I'm making encouraging progress, reflecting on my journey with optimism."

Name2 Braden, 23 years old

"Cruising/carving is the perfect balance of focus and freedom. In the best way possible, I have a dependency on carving/cruising for elevating my mood and maintaining my mental health."

Alex Alex, 33 years old

Carving For Peace

A movement forward, one carve at a time. Our mission is to use cruising and carving as catalysts for peace. Beyond being mere wooden planks with wheels, they serve as bridges for community engagement and social transformation.

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