What Happened To Biker Sherlock?

By: Darryl Cotton | March 8, 2024 | Archive

New Evidence Room Video Indicates Foul Play In Downhill Legends Death

$250,000 Reward

As of March 2024, there is now a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the MURDER of Michael “Biker” Sherlock.

Please email: BikersReward@gmail.com with any information.

Who was Biker Sherlock?

Michael “Biker” Sherlock was an American professional downhill skateboarder and street luger. He was among the most successful participants in those sports, winning multiple medals at the X Games and Gravity Games. He also founded Dregs Skateboards.

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Biker died on December 2, 2015. Originally it was believed that he committed suicide due to depression through brain injury (CTE).

Biker and his widow, Amy Sherlock were profiled in this ESPN article that was first published on April 25, 2017.

Frustrated by the huge amount of legal wrangling and deception, Amy Sherlock contacted Scott Roder of The Evidence Room to create a video showcasing what actually happened that fateful night.

Watch the video here.
Warning: The video contains actual autopsy photographs and disturbing images related to the death of Biker Sherlock. Viewer discretion is advised.

Or you can read The Evidence Room’s PDF report here.

Roder is a forensic crime investigator who has examined over 2,000 cases. Roder believes with 100% certainty that Biker Sherlock’s death was a homicide, not a suicide.

Forensic Video Key Findings

1. Gunshot Wound Trajectory
Analysis of the gunshot wound trajectory and the type of bullet used, suggests inconsistencies with a self-inflicted wound. The trajectory and bullet type indicate the wound was not self-inflicted.

2. Gun Position Post-incident
The position of the gun found at the scene is inconsistent with a self-inflicted gunshot scenario. The gun’s position suggests it was placed there and does not support a suicide theory.

3. Blood Pattern Analysis
Examination of blood patterns at the scene suggest injuries from an assault rather than a suicide.

4. Physical Condition of Biker Sherlock
Biker Sherlock’s physical condition and injuries indicate struggle or fight prior to his death. It appears he was pistol-whipped, and there is a wound on his forehead.

5. San Diego Police Department’s Investigation
The investigation by the police department is seen as lacking thoroughness. The police did not test for gun residue. They could not find the bullet casing. Roder is confident in his findings and is willing to testify in court to the scientific certainty of homicide.

Amy Sherlock’s Perspective

1. Deceived and manipulated
Amy Sherlock believes she has been deceived and manipulated by the legal system and
former business associates of Biker.

2. Forged signature
There is evidence of forged signatures and fraudulent actions about Biker’s business and assets.

3. Private investigator report
In 2022, Amy hired a private investigator Trent James to examine the case. His Armorous report can be found here.

4. San Diego PD refusal
The San Diego PD has REFUSED to investigate even when they had the Armorous report and admit there is a great deal of motivation behind Biker’s death.

5. SLAPP Judgements
Amy has faced legal challenges, including SLAPP judgments while trying to uncover the truth about her husband’s death and the alleged corruption.

Amy feels Biker’s legacy should be one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of justice.

Please sign the Change.org petition here.

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