Best Carving Longboard Trucks

Updated: April 25, 2023 | Gear

What are the best longboard carving trucks?

Well, the answer depends on your riding style.

Do you want a setup that can carve but still handle higher speeds? Or do you want a sharp turning radius for pumping?

Here’s a list of carving-focus trucks to help you build your dream setup.

Paris RKPs

Paris trucks have been around for a long time and are a staple in the longboard industry. They’re the most stable out of all the trucks on this list. I’d recommend experimenting with softer and double cone-shaped bushings to carver deeper. Specifically, look into RipTide bushings.

Carver CX

Carver is classified as a “surfskate” company, but you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy them. One of my favorite longboards is this setup. Just don’t expect to bomb hills with Carver trucks.

If you’re looking for setups you can pump from a standstill, look into surfskates companies like YOW Surf or Waterborne. Both offer a front pivoting-adapter system that pumps like a dream.

Seismic G5

Seismic has been working on their carving trucks for over 20 years. It’s made of a unique dual-spring system, offered in two different baseplate angles. For the amount of time put into engineering, these are a steal.

Final Thoughts

You might not even need to buy a new set of carving trucks.

Below are a few things to improve your current setup’s carving ability.

More tips on how to make your setup carve harder here.


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