11 Creative Fingerboard Skatepark Ideas

By: Billy James | January 21, 2024 | Fingerboarding

Ahhh, the wonderful world of fingerboarding.

I’ve wanted to create some DIY obstacles for a while, so I did some digging and compiled my favorite fingerboard skatepark ideas.

Because sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.

Gritty Stairset

fingerboard stair set diy
Created by: u/misenique

This brick-textured stair and ledge obstacle reflects the essence of a gritty, urban skate spot. The attention to detail is mind-blowing!

It’s an insanely realistic miniature world, from the weathered concrete to the circular lighting. The choice of faded blue tiles against orange bricks is a smart use of contrasting colors.

It captures a raw authenticity that’s functional and aesthetic af.

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Concrete Wave Bank

Created by: u/clays327

This concrete wave bank comes to life under dramatic lighting. The meticulous craftsmanship, from the hand-welded fence to the grass/miniature plants, captures the authentic spirit of street skating. It makes me wanna get some night shredding sessions in.

The realism is truly unreal.

Urban Stairset

Created by: u/doopnap

Inspired by iconic spots like Hollywood 16 and Wallenberg, this one is a classic stair set mixed with a realistic brick motif. Detailed with signs of wear and decorative stickers, the piece showcases a raw, sunlit aesthetic with a handrail made from aluminum.

The authentic feel oozes from this spot.

DIY Street Park

Created by: u/Jackot45

This fingerboard skatepark has authentic street features, including a graffiti-splashed quarter-pipe and a detailed stair set. Realistic touches like a bridge with miniature trash cans and its polished concrete finish add to its lifelike appeal.

The park’s design is both aesthetically impressive and functionally engaging, offering a variety of challenges.

CNC Wood Skatepark

Created by: u/khmelic

This one was made using CNC machinery and then meticulously hand-sanded to enhance the flowing contours and natural wood grain.

The creator spent considerable effort in the design and construction, resulting in a series of ramps, bowls, and plateaus that offer diverse surfaces for tricks.

Granite Plaza

Created by: u/xxmacksxx

This plaza skatepark has a brick backdrop with a reflective floor that doubles the visual impact. Its features include a handrail, board rack, stones, graffiti-covered guard rail, and some perfectly placed greenery.

The level of detail must’ve taken forever to create.

Gritty Urban Spot

Created by: Commit Robbery

This fingerboard park captures the rawness of a gritty urban skate spot. Foam-cored concrete is thoughtfully splashed with graffiti and moss.

It’s a perfect blend of roughness mixed with precision hand-crafted artistry. Unlike most of the other fingerboard skateparks on this list, Commit Robbery takes on commissioned work.

Monochrome Skatepark

Created by: u/Sunnydaturtle

This sleek, monochrome skatepark design features quarter pipes and crisp red rails. The clean layout is strategic and spacious, offering a variety of angles and elements for technical fingerboarding tricks.

Definitely one of the cleanest on the list.

Flat Ground Court

Created by: u/GoonSqoon

A sleek basketball court-themed fingerboard skatepark. Made from locally sourced materials from a home improvement store for under $40. The wooden frame is decorated with a realistic brick pattern and the aluminum trim doubles as grinding rails.

And to add to it all, it’s equipped with drawer handles for portability.

Street/Vert Plaza

Created by: u/no-left-turns

Which do you prefer to fingerboard: street or vert? You don’t have to decide because this skatepark features both styles. A clean street section and multi-height halfpipe with a mid-sectioned spine/roller allow endless possibilities. The divider’s grass/circular lights are a clean touch.

A calming alternative to the plastic commercial tech deck skateparks.

Granite Park Plaza

Created by: u/xxmacksxx

A sleek, movable granite ledge provides a smooth surface for tricks, enhanced by carefully placed rocks and greenery. The park’s elements, including the rail, bench, and concrete barrier, can be repositioned for customized layouts, offering a dynamic fingerboarding experience.

Using affordable Home Depot tiles creates a premium feel without the high cost.

Billy James

I've been skating for over 20 years and it's had an incredibly positive impact on my mental health. My mission is to show the world the power of cruising and carving.

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