How To Stop On A Longboard? (Tips & Tricks)

By: Billy James | June 5, 2023 | Longboards

Gaining speed on a longboard can be scary if you’re unsure how to stop.

This article will cover techniques on how to stop your longboard.

Use Your Foot

Using your foot is a reliable way to stop.

Shift your weight to your front foot while keeping your back on the board.

Gradually drag your back foot on the ground to create friction. Apply gentle pressure to slow down. You can slightly angle your foot with your heel touching the board’s edge for stability.

This can be intimidating for beginners, so to build confidence, you can practice stationary on grass. Practice balancing on one foot and slowly shifting your weight to your back foot. When you feel comfortable, you can take it to the pavement.

Jump off

Only do this if you’re not going faster than you can run.

If you don’t feel comfortable using your foot, you can jump off your board. It’s important that you control your speed and don’t go too fast.


Powerslides are an efficient way to slow up or stop but require more skill.

This is something you’ll need to practice before attempting. If you have larger wheels (70mm+) it will be challenging to get them to slide. Slides are a great technique to control your speed and stop.

Billy James

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