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7 Best Surfskate Decks

By Billy James | Updated: August 16, 2023 | Gear

At this point, you’ve dialed in your favorite surfskate adapter.

Now it’s time to pick a surfskate deck.

Here are the best deck’s based on my experience.

HQ: Gardena, California
Material: Maple
Customizability: No
Adjustable wheelbase: No

Carver Skateboards is one of the original surfskate companies and offers decks heavily inspired by surfing culture. Similar to YOW, they offer a variety of graphics and shapes.

Flush Collection

Flush’s website

flush collection surfskate deck

HQ: Tennesee
Material: Premium Maple
Customizability: Yes
Adjustable wheelbase: Yes

Flush Collection specializes in custom, handmade skate decks inspired by all things skate, surf, and guitar. Most notable for their quilted and curly maple – grab a Flush deck, and many people will ask where you got it.

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Soulboardiy’s website

soulboardiy surfskate deck

HQ: Slovakia
Material: Bamboo & Fiberglass
Customizability: Yes
Adjustable wheelbase: Yes

Soulboardiy was started by Drahomír Rozič and his wife Eva Viktorie. The unique part about Soulboardiy is they have torsional flex. When paired with a surfskate adapter, it makes for a soulful pumping experience.

Whitetail Skateboards

Whitetail’s website

whitetail surfskate deck

HQ: Quebec, Canada
Material: Maple
Customizability: No
Adjustable wheelbase: Yes

Whitetail Skateboards was started by Sophie in 2020 because she couldn’t find a deck that fit her preferences. According to Sophie, “it seems every decision I made, every path I took, every skill I developed has unfolded into skate designing and shaping.”

YOW Surf

YOW’s website

YOW surfskate deck

HQ: Oiarzun, Spain
Material: Maple
Customizability: No
Adjustable wheelbase: No

YOW Surf has some of the most aesthetically pleasing surfskate decks. They’re consistently dropping new designs and have a variety of shapes to choose from.

Zenit Boards

Zenit’s website

Zenit Boards surfskate deck

HQ: Montreal, Quebec
Material: Maple & Fiberglass
Customizability: Yes
Adjustable wheelbase: Yes

Zenit Boards is known for its high-quality maple and fiberglass decks. They have a custom builder, allowing you to make the surfskate deck of your dreams. They offer two shapes; 76 & 67. The 76 is flat, whereas the 76 has more concave and a steeper kicktail.

Billy James

I've been skating for over 20 years - it's been a lifelong passion. Our mission at Concrete Waves is to fuel the growth of all genres of skateboarding.

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