Surfskate Wheelbase Calculator

A rough wheelbase suggestion

This tool is meant for those that have no clue where to start. The best solution is to go test different surfskates at your local shop or community meetup. Wheelbase is subjective and not an exact science.

This calculator is based on a formula created by Surfskate Tips. Special thanks to Open Source Skateboards for helping refine the code.

How wheelbase is measured

skate wheelbase

The commercial skateboarding industry measures the wheelbase using the difference between the truck holes. Specifically the front two truck holes on the rear of the deck, and the rear two on the front of your deck.

This is what confuses a lot of people because it’s not an accurate representation of the true wheelbase. And that’s because your trucks will make it longer or shorter depending on their geometry.

So to get the true wheelbase of your setup, you need to do it the same way they do it on cars - Measure from axle to axle.

This calculator recommends wheelbases based on the standardized method.

More info on wheelbase here.

The Formula

Measure your inseam. Divide the inseam by 2. Add an inch (2.5 cm) to the number. Subtract a half inch (~1.5 cm) to find your lower range suggestion. Add a half-inch (~1.5 cm) to find your higher range suggestion.