Longboard Setups For Pump Tracks (Suggestions)

By: Billy James | June 14, 2023 | Longboards

Over the past few months, I’ve tested various longboard setups at my local pump tracks (concrete & asphalt).

longboard pump track

Safety Precautions

Wear a helmet. Wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads too. Pump tracks are deceivingly dangerous because of the amount of speed you gain. I’ve seen some serious injuries on them.

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Setup Advice

In my opinion, three elements contribute to a great pump track experience.

Flexy Deck

A flexy deck allows you to spring out of your pumps and gain a crazy amount of speed. It’s hard to explain how awesome it feels.

32″-38″ Deck

A longer deck adds a lot of stability for high speeds. You can go shorter but increase your chances of getting speed wobbles.

70mm+ Wheels

Larger wheels will help you maintain high speeds.

Those are my two main takeaways, but you don’t necessarily have to follow that to have fun on a pump track. I’ve seen and ridden many different setups that don’t fit the above characteristics.

Fun Setups

Below are fun boards to ride on a pump track.

Billy James

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