7 Ways To Prevent Speed Wobbles

By: Billy James | August 24, 2023 | Longboards

Ahhh, the dreaded speed wobble.

Something that’ll make anyone sketched out to step on a board.

But fear not! This article will cover what it is, how it’s caused, and how to stop it.

So you don’t end up like this dude

What Is Speed Wobble?

Speed wobble is when your skateboard or longboard wobbles uncontrollably at high speeds. Sometimes, it can get to the point where you’ll lose control and fall.

What Causes Speed Wobble?

Leaning too far back and improper equipment are the leading causes of speed wobble.

In most cases, it comes down to your riding technique. Where you place your weight is essential. Slightly lean forward, have your weight over your front truck, and you’ll be well on your way to combatting wobbles.

Why is leaning back a problem?

I’ll let this video simulation do the explaining.

However, you could do everything right from a technique perspective and still get speed wobble. So, below is a list of things to consider.

How To Stop Speed Wobbles?

There are several things you can do to stop speed wobbles. Initiate a carve or powerslide to control your speed. Slowly shift your weight forward. From an equipment perspective, you can use RKP trucks, tighten or dewedge your trucks, use a longer wheelbase, change your pivot cups, and use low rebound, stiffer barrel bushings.

1. Initiate carve/powerslide

A solid way to prevent speed wobbles is to initiate carving or powerslides frequently. This will help control your speed.

2. Shift weight forward

If you’re going too fast to feel comfortable to carve or powerslide, you can slowly shift your weight forward. While it’s intimidating to do, it’s one of the best ways to stop speed wobble.

3. Reverse kingpin trucks

You’ll have a higher chance of speed wobbles if you use traditional kingpin (TKP) trucks over reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks since they have a higher baseplate angle. Make your life easier and use RKPs.

A lower angle 43-degree RKP will have less turn and more lean. Double barrel bushings will offer more resistance than cone bushings. These characteristics together will lessen your chances of speed wobbles.

3. Tighten your trucks

Tightening your trucks is a straightforward way to decrease your chances of speed wobble. Make sure your back truck is never looser than your front.

4. Dewedge your trucks

Are you familiar with angled rise pads?

They’re used to change the angle of your truck. When you change the angle of your truck, it changes the way your board leans and turns.

Having a setup with more lean and less turn (dewedging) is a solid way to stop speed wobbles.

5. Longer wheelbase

A shorter wheelbase will increase your chances of speed wobble. If you extend your wheelbase, this can help prevent it. A good wheelbase range for stability is 20-30″ (50-76cm).

6. Change your bushings

A few things to note when it comes to bushings and speed wobbles.

First, using barrel bushings will help you prevent speed wobbles because they offer more resistance. Second, a urethane formula with a lower rebound will help so it doesn’t spring back as much. And third, a harder durometer bushing.

7. Change pivot cups

Over time urethane wears down and can create pivot cup “slop”. The more slop your truck has, the higher the chance of speed wobble. This is probably the least likely, but it is still worth considering.

Bottom Line

While there are several things you can do to help stop speed wobble, your technique is a significant factor. A lot of it comes down to practice and getting comfortable with speed.

However, as you saw above, there are several equipment tweaks to help decrease your chances of speed wobble.

Billy James

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