Where To Buy Longboards (Best Resource)

Updated: June 26, 2022 | Shreducation

There are so many places to buy longboards it can be overwhelming.

I wanted to put together this resource to help those confused.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, check it below. If not, keep scrolling.

Where to buy longboards?

Your best option to buy a longboard is your local shop, directly from the brand’s website, an online retail shop, or a used marketplace like Facebook Marketplace.

The first place I’d recommend looking is at your…

Local Shop

Do you have a local skate or longboard shop near you? Not everyone has one where they live, but supporting your local shop is always the right move.

Plus you’ll be able to talk to people that live and breathe longboarding.

Even if you have a local shop, I can understand if you’re an introvert who only wants to order online.

So, in that case, another option is…

Online Direct

Some of you find more comfort in buying directly from the brand that makes the longboard.

That’s a solid option too.

You can find more of my longboard brand suggestions here.

Online Retailer

These online shops buy popular brands in bulk and sell them to you. Think of a shop like Zumiez, they buy a bunch of different brands in bulk and sell them in their stores.

Recommended online retailers…

I included Amazon on this list because many legit brands sell on their marketplace.

Just know that if it’s a brand built solely on the back of Amazon, the quality probably isn’t great.

Plus, most Amazon longboard companies are faceless and don’t help grow the community. They don’t genuinely care about the scene. I go more in-depth on how to buy cheap longboards in this article.


Buy used if you’re an absolute beginner and don’t know if you’ll stick with it long-term.

Even if you’re sticking with longboarding, long-term, buying used is a great option.

My main suggestion is to check out Facebook Marketplace because new ones are always listed.

Another option is to ask around in your area if anyone has an old longboard lying around. Most of the time, you’ll find someone that does, and they might even give it to you for free.

If it’s in bad condition, you still probably won’t spend that much to upgrade it.

Bottom Line

Go with what you’re comfortable with. Give your money to local shops or brands that care about the industry. This will help improve and grow the longboarding scene.


I've been skateboarding for over twenty years. When I'm not skating, I'm most likely surfing my local break. The goal is to fuel the growth of all genres of skateboarding.

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