Types Of Longboards (Explained)

By: Billy James | June 13, 2023 | Longboards

What are the types of longboards?

Here’s a simple guide to help you gain a basic understanding.

If you want a broader perspective, check out types of skateboards.

First, it’s important to have a basic understanding of popular riding styles.

Longboard Riding Styles


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Cruising can take on many different forms. But generally, it’s when you ride around casually. Your city, neighborhood, campus – you name it. Technically you can cruise on any longboard, but specific characteristics make it easier.

Cruising Setups

Both top mounts with mellow kicktails and drop-through longboards are excellent choices. Drop-throughs are lower to the ground, making it easier to push.

We recommend Landyachtz cruisers because they have high-quality parts built to last. While not inexpensive, they’re worth the investment. You can transfer the components from it if you ever decide to switch to another setup.

Disclaimer: The “Landyachtz” link above is an affiliate link, meaning we receive a small commission. It’s at no additional cost to you. We’d recommend them regardless.


Freestyle is the closest longboarding style to street skateboarding because it involves tricks, spins, slides, and other maneuvers.

They’re not the best for cruising rough environments because their wheels are usually harder.

Most freestyle boards will have kicktails and noses to help with performing tricks. If you’re getting into freestyle, I recommend checking out Amp Skate. They have a ton of free, helpful tutorials to learn from.

Long Distance

Long-distance pushing (LDP) is a style that involves using a pushing technique to cover long distances. It’s often used for transportation, exercise, or endurance training.

LDP setups are usually drop-throughs or drop-downs, making them lower to the ground.


Downhill is when you bomb massive hills at mind-boggling speeds. Freeride combines the high speeds of downhill with the expressive form of freestyle.

You’ll want to avoid these riding styles if you’re a beginner. Get the basics down first.

Usually, downhill boards are stiffer and have lower-angled trucks for added stability.

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Longboard Shapes


Pintail longboard shapes are inspired by pintail surfboards. It’s named after its distinctive pointed or “pintail” shape, resembling the tail of a bird. They’re used for casual cruising.


A kicktail longboard is a type of longboard that features an upward curve at the end of the deck. Kicktails are functional for increased maneuverability and tricks. They’re commonly used for casual cruising and freestyle tricks.


A drop-down longboard is when the deck drops downward. The center of the deck is lower than the points where the trucks are mounted, creating a lower center of gravity. They’re commonly used for casual cruising, commuting, and long-distance pushing.


A drop-through longboard is when the trucks are installed through the deck. This lowered position provides a lower center of gravity, similar to drop-downs. They’re commonly used for casual cruising, carving, and commuting.


A dancer longboard is designed for dancing, freestyle tricks, and fluid maneuvers. Their decks are usually longer (40-48″), which provides ample space for the rider to perform various dance moves and footwork patterns. They are symmetrical, allowing riders to perform tricks and maneuvers in both directions.


A downhill/freeride longboard is specifically designed for high-speed downhill riding and performing slides. These longboards are built to handle the demands of fast descents, sharp turns, and controlled slides.


An electric longboard has an electric motor and battery, allowing you to ride without having to push. They’re often used for casual cruising, carving, and commuting.

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