Custom Cruiser Skateboard (Setup Breakdown)

By Zac | December 20, 2021 | Cruiser Skateboards

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Length: 14.375″
Width: 9.125”
Wheelbase: 31.5″

Shaped, 7-ply, Canadian maple goodness. Mild concave, wide deck plenty of room for foot positions. Not much flex, it is a shaped popsicle after all. Full nose and tail in case you want to get tricky.


Stainless all around, everything else rusts in New England. Standard phillips flat head countersunk screws, nylon lock nuts.

I replaced the axle and kingpin nuts while I was at it, because why not?


⅛” Independent Shock Pads, I planned for long rides and didn’t want to rattle my teeth out.

ACE AF1 66 trucks. Nimble yet stable, practically ride-ready out of the box.


Stock ACE bushings, Top – 91a Bottom – 86a (Since riding these I put them on my other boards with standard trucks, I like them that much)


Arbor Shakedown 58mm 80A. Centerset, round-lipped “hybrid” wheels, good for just about any surface.

A nice balance of rolling speed and comfort.


Bones Reds with spacers and speed washers

Final Thoughts

This skateboard lived in the trunk of my car all summer, it’s a great daily rider and all-around setup.