Electric Longboard Surf Cruiser (Setup Breakdown)

By Billy James | July 30, 2022 | Surfskates

I’ve been fascinated by electric skateboards since the first day I tried one. With the right setup, it can feel like riding an endless wave. In this post, I’ll share one of my favorite electric surfy setups.

electric surf cruiser skateboard

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Carver Tyler 777

Length: 36″ Width: 10″ Wheelbase: 21.25″

The Tyler 777 is such a fun deck. It was modeled by Tyler Hatzikian, taking inspiration from his 777 nose rider surfboard. I often surf a Hap Jacobs 422, which (I believe) Tyler drew inspiration from for his 777. Anytime I ride this deck, I feel like I’m surfing my 422.

There’s slight concave on it – enough to lock into carves.

The paint on the top of the nose is starting to chip off, which isn’t a huge deal, but I still wanted to share.

I mounted the Qwik plates to the deck to easily swap to a traditional longboard setup. I usually rotate from an electric setup to my Carver CX. You can see below that the Qwik plates mount to the deck and the trucks.


(12) 5/8″ Counter Sunk Bolts

(4) 1.25″ Counter Sunk Bolts

Why are there 16 bolts required? Because of the Qwik plates.

(8) 5/8″ counter sunk bolts to mount the Qwik deck plates. Another (4) 5/8″ counter sunk bolts for the Qwik truck plate for the front Paris RKP.

Then another (4) 1.25″ to mount the Qwik truck plate to the Revel Kit.


Paris 180mm RKP

Didn’t put a riser pad on the front truck because of the Qwik plate.

I mounted a hard 1/8″ riser in the back so the Revel kit can seamlessly slide on the Qwik deck plate. Sliding the Revel Kit onto the Qwik plate is tricky without a riser pad. It will get stuck because of the rubber material on the bottom of the battery.


Orangatang Knuckles Bushings

I swapped out the stock Paris and Revel bushings with Orangatang Knuckles.

I found the softer, orange Knuckles were too soft and way easier to get speed wobbles. So for me, the purple Knuckles worked the best. Double cones in the front.

Double barrels in the back revel trucks for extra stability.


Orangatang 85mm Caguamas

The Caguamas 85mm 80a are solid for this setup. Since they’re so big, they’re hard to slide out. But once you break them in, you can do some powerslide checks. But because of the large contact patch, it’s tricky.

You can use Revel’s stock wheels if you don’t want to spend the extra money on these.


Jehu V2 Bearings

Any bearings will do for this setup.

I had Carver built-in bearings laying around, so I used them. I’ve heard a lot of people liking Zealous built-ins. Or you could even buy Loaded‘s Jehu built-in bearings.