Landyachtz Surfskate Review (Tested & Compared)

By Billy James | April 3, 2023 | Surfskates

The Landyachtz surfskate is a more stable surfskate. It’s bushing-based, so it’s lighter than most popular spring-based adapters. It’s tough to pump from a standstill.

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Bear Bangerz

Type: Bushing-Based
RKP | TKP Setup

High-angle RKP with tall bushings angled at 65 degrees with an extra 5-degree riser pad. Dual tall cone bushings allow for more turn compared to a regular RKP. It’s paired with a Polar Bear TKP in the back.

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Who’s It Best For?

I’d say someone who wants to take a small step up in terms of carviness from a cruiser. This surfskate has the stability of a cruiser but allows you to get slightly deeper with carving.

I had no issues riding over rocks and pebbles with it, overall, it’s pretty stable. Plus, it’s relatively light, making it portable.

Can You Pump On It?

It is tough to pump from a standstill since it doesn’t pivot as much as spring-based surf adapters. Once you pick up speed, you can get pumpy because of its high-angle RKP.