Landyachtz Surfskate

By Billy James | Updated: April 3, 2023 | Surfskates

The Landyachtz surfskate is a more stable surfskate. It’s bushing-based, so it’s lighter than most popular spring-based adapters. It’s tough to pump from a standstill.

Functional For…

Casual Cruising

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Bear Bangerz

Type: Bushing-Based
RKP | TKP Setup

High-angle RKP with tall bushings angled at 65 degrees with an extra 5-degree riser pad. Dual tall cone bushings allow for more turn compared to a regular RKP. It’s paired with a Polar Bear TKP in the back.

Can you pump the Landyachtz surfskate?

It is tough to pump from a standstill since it doesn’t pivot as much as spring-based surf adapters. Once you pick up speed, you can get pumpy because of its high-angle RKP.

landyachtz pocket knife surfskate
landyachtz foam grip tape
landyachtz surfskate trucks
63mm hawgs landyachtz surfskate wheels