Landyachtz Ultra Carve (Tested & Compared)

By: Billy James | April 28, 2024 | Cruiser Skateboards
landyachtz ultra carve outside
Ultra Carve Specs
L: 30″ W: 9″ WB: 14.5″
130mm RKPs
63mm Fatty Hawgs

The Landyachtz ultra carve has 130mm RKPs, 14.5″ wheelbase, and 63mm Fatty Hawg wheels.

There seems to be some confusion about the standard and Ultra Carve series, which I’ll do my best to clarify in this post.

At the moment, Landyachtz offers three options:

You can get the 130 or 155 TKPS on the standard Tugboat.

Truck Differences

So, first, let’s take a look at the physical differences between the TKPs and RKPs.

Then, I’ll share my opinion on how those differences translate into the riding feel.

Both have a cone and barrel bushing setup, but the TKPs aren’t as beefy.

The TKPs height is about a half inch shorter than the RKPs.

The TKPs add 3.25” to the standard 14.5” wheelbase, so the true axle-to-axle wheelbase is 17.75”.

landyachtz tugboat wheelbase

And the RKPs add 1.25”, making the axle-to-axle wheelbase 15.75”.

landyachtz ultra carve wheelbase

If you’re feeling lost here, you can read more about wheelbase here.

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Polar Bear TKPs

Bear 130mm 50° RKPs 

landyachtz ultra carve

Riding Feel

So now how do these physical differences translate to the riding feel?

I spent a good amount of time alternating between the two and the biggest thing that stood out to me was that the ultra carve feels a lot more agile, which I don’t think is a surprise to anyone given it’s name.

But it was almost so agile that it felt twitchy to me. I didn’t feel confident digging into deeper carves, and when I did, the rounded lips and stone ground contact patches broke traction.

The standard carves are more drawn out and predictable. I felt more confident doing speed checks or picking up more speed. It’s not even comparable to the nimbleness and agility of the ultra carve

I want to emphasize though, there are quite of few of you that have sung the praises of the ultra carve so this is a personal preference type scenario.

What I would say is, if you have the ultra carve or are considering it, try a longer wheelbase. You can use the inner holes of the bear baseplates or on a different deck that has a wheelbase of 17,18”, or 19 inches.

In my opinion, that wheelbase range is where I’ve felt the 130 rkps feel the best.

Ultra Carve vs Loaded Ballona

loaded ballona vs landyachtz ultra carve side by side

Now as far as comparisons go, the only other mini cruiser I have that uses RKPs is the Loaded Ballona.

Which is slightly short, has the same width, and offers two wheelbase options. They have pretty similar concave, but the Ballona is noticeably more flat.

Two main differences that stick out to me are the Ballona’s wider trucks and longer wheelbase.

The wider trucks make turning slightly more drawn out and the Paris trucks add 2” to the standard wheelbase.

Main Takeaways

So I know I ranted a lot, so here are some main takeaways.

If you already have an Ultra Carve, I’d suggest experimenting with sharp lips wheels and longer wheelbases.

Putting the 130mm RKPs on a 17”, 18″ or 19″ wheelbase felt awesome.

I would like to see Landyachtz carry this concept further, maybe with a flatter deck profile and longer wheelbase.

Billy James

I've been skating for over 20 years and it's had an incredibly positive impact on my mental health. My mission is to show the world the power of cruising and carving.

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