Longboard Wheels & Trucks On A Skateboard (Pros & Cons)

By: Billy James | February 6, 2024 | Longboards
longboard wheels trucks on a skateboard

Ever wonder if you could use longboard wheels and trucks on a skateboard?

Here’s the deal…

You can put longboard wheels and trucks on a skateboard because the cores/baseplates are standardized. However, while they will fit, there are a few issues you might run into.

Let’s start by covering…

Longboard wheels on a skateboard

First and foremost, be cautious of wheelbite.

The reason is because longboard wheels are larger than skateboard wheels. A larger wheel will decrease the distance between the wheel and the deck, making wheelbite much easier to get.

longboard wheel vs skateboard wheel

Wheelbite will be harsher when using softer wheels. They will grip the bottom of your deck more aggressively and throw you off. With harder wheels, you can get away with wheelbite since they’re less forgiving.

What wheel size to use?

This is subjective, but I’d recommend a wheel size of…

You can go larger than that; however, it’ll set you higher off the ground. This will make ollieing harder since it’ll hit the ground at a different angle, decreasing your pop-ability.

For specific wheel recommendations, check my cruiser wheels post.

How wheel size affects riding

A larger wheel could make sense if roll speed is a higher priority than using your kicktail. Larger wheels will accelerate slower but maintain a higher top speed.

If you pick a wheel too small, you won’t be able to maintain speed that well. Smaller wheels will accelerate faster but maintain a slower top speed.

Riser pads & hardware

You will likely want to add a riser pad to prevent wheelbite, if you get a larger wheel. You will also need longer hardware if you add risers.

Ways to avoid wheelbite without adding riser pads…


You’ll probably want a softer wheel than what you currently have because it’ll absorb rougher environments/vibrations more efficiently. It will also roll quieter.

The downside of softer wheels is that powerslides will be trickier since they grip the ground more.

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Longboard trucks on a skateboard

While longboard trucks will fit on your skateboard, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here’s why…

Increase ride height

Longboard trucks, also known as reverse kingpins (RKPs), are higher off the ground, which makes ollies/flip tricks harder. However, if you want to cruise without popping your kicktail, then this doesn’t matter.

longboard trucks reverse kingpins

Truck width match

It’s best practice to match your truck’s width to your deck’s width. And longboard trucks will likely be too wide for your skateboard since longboards are often wider.

When your trucks are wider than your deck, turning can feel off. Also, it can increase your chances of your foot hitting your wheels while pushing.

Matching it can be confusing because truck companies list their sizes in millimeters.

To make your life easier, we compiled this spreadsheet of the top truck brands and their sizes (in inches).

Smaller wheelbase

Longboard trucks (RKPs) also have a different baseplate angle than traditional kingpin trucks (TKPs), which can feel awkward on smaller wheelbases.

While there are some smaller cruisers out there that do use RKPs (Loaded Ballona), I wouldn’t recommend it. But again, all of this is subjective, and you’ve got to decide what type of riding you want to do.

Bottom Line

It depends on what type of riding you want.

For most, the best bet is to keep your current trucks (traditional kingpins) but swap your wheels for 55-65mm size.

Billy James

I've been skating for over 20 years and it's had an incredibly positive impact on my mental health. My mission is to show the world the power of cruising and carving.

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