Best Cruising Skateboard Wheels (Riding Style Breakdown)

Updated: March 5, 2023 | Shreducation

Cruising with small, hard wheels isn’t a fun time. If that sounds like your setup, it’s time for some soft skateboard wheels.

Here’s a list of the best cruising wheels based on my experience.

59mm Powell G-Slides

Durometer: 85a
Lip Profile: Rounded
Core Placement: Centerset

Powell Peralta is a veteran of the skate industry. The G-Slides are an extremely versatile cruiser wheel. They also offer it in 56mm size.

60mm OJ Super Juice

Durometer: 78a
Lip Profile: Rounded
Core Placement: Offset

The OJ Super Juice wheels are the brainchild of NHS Skate Direct. They started in the 70s when the skate wheel went from clay to urethane.

63mm Fatty Hawgs

Durometer: 78a
Lip Profile: Rounded
Core Placement: Offset

Hawgs is Landyachtz’s wheel company. Their urethane formula never disappoints. Not to mention they have many colors to choose from.

63mm Seismic Hot Spot

Durometer: 81a – 92a
Lip Profile: Sharp
Core Placement: Offset

Seismic Skate Systems has been making wheels for over two decades. They’re probably the most dedicated company when it comes to innovating.

65mm Love Handles

Durometer: 77a – 81a
Lip Profile: Sharp
Core Placement: Offset

Orangatang is Loaded Board’s wheel company. Their urethane formula is high rebound and rolls fast. They’re solid for deep carving setups.

How to choose a cruiser wheel?

Below are things to consider when picking a cruiser wheel.

If you want a deeper dive into wheels, check this guide.

Wheel Size

You’ll want something beefier / softer than your average street wheel. A small wheel will accelerate faster, but a larger one will have a higher top speed. Your setup probably has traditional kingpin trucks, offering less clearance than reverse kingpins. Be careful of wheelbite!

If you upgrade to larger wheels, you’ll likely need thicker riser pads.

Urethane Durometer

Durometer is the measurement used for the softness/hardness of the wheel. The higher the number (example – 101a), the harder the wheel. Usually, street skateboards have 99a+ wheels. But what works with a street setup won’t be ideal for a cruising skateboard.

You’ll want a softer wheel that absorbs rougher terrain, making for a smoother ride. 78a-85a range is average for cruising skateboard wheels.

Lip Profile

The lip profile is the edge of the wheel. To keep it simple, there’s a sharp or rounded lip. The purpose of a sharp lip is to grip the pavement more effectively when doing deeper carves. Rounded lips are easy to break traction for slides.

Core Placement

Offset cores are placed closer to one side, which provides more grip for carving. Centerset cores are placed (you guessed it) in the center and are easier to slide.


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