Orangatang Love Handles Review (Tested & Compared)

By Billy James | September 12, 2023 | Longboards

The Orangatang Love Handles is a traction-focused wheel, functional for surfskating, casual cruising, deep carving, and slalom riding styles.

Let’s review the specs and who they’re best for.

How to choose?

If you want the most grip, go for the 77a (blue). If you want to powerslide easier, go for the 80a (orange). But it’s important to note that both Love Handles aren’t the best for powerslides since they have a sharp lip and wide contact patch (50mm). If you want a similar-sized wheel that’s easier to powerslide, you should consider the Orangatang Fat Frees.

If you have a local shop that carries Orangatang, we encourage you to buy from them.

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orangatang love handles
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Love Handles Specs

Diameter: 65mm
Durometer(s): 77a / 80a
Contact Patch: 50mm
Core: Offset
Lip Profile: Sharp

They use their happy thane formula. Without getting into the technicals, any Orangatang formula has been solid based on my riding experience. They always feel smooth, high rebound and fast.

Alternative Wheels

If you’re considering the Orangatang Love Handles, you might want to consider the alternatives below.

65mm Orangatang Fat Frees

77a, 80a, 83a, 86a
Contact Patch: 37mm
Core: Offset
Lip Profile: Rounded

66mm Seismic Hotspots

Durometer(s): 77a, 80a
Contact Patch: 50mm
Core: Offset
Lip Profile: Sharp

65mm Surfskate Love

78a, 81a, 83a
Contact Patch: 46mm
Core: Offset
Lip Profile: Rounded

Orangatang Fat Free vs Love Handles

The Orangatang Fat Free wheels are better for sliding than the Love Handles. This is because the Fat Frees have a smaller contact patch (37mm) than the Love Handles (50mm). The Fat Frees also have rounded lips, whereas the Love Handles have sharp lips.

Are Orangatang Love Handles good for surfskating?

Yes, the Orangatang Love Handles are a great wheel for surfskating. The reason is that they have a sharp lip, which offers a lot of grip for deep carving. Their size (65mm) is ideal for most surfskate adapters without getting wheelbite.