What Are Riser Pads? (Explained)

Updated: May 23, 2023 | Edu

Riser pads are rectangular blocks placed between your deck and trucks. They’re used to add height or clearance between the deck and the trucks so your wheels don’t wheelbite.

Softer ones can also provide some cushioning and vibration dampening.

You can use angled riser pads to manipulate your truck’s geometry. They can help make your setup turn more or less, depending on how you angle them.

Difference between shock pads and risers

Shock pads are meant to absorb some of the shock and prevent pressure cracks. Risers are meant to add more height to your setup to prevent wheelbite.

How do you know if you need risers?

You can check if your wheels will wheelbite by laying your board upside down and pushing your wheel toward the deck. If it touches, you most likely need thicker risers.

Can you stack riser pads?

Yes, you can stack riser pads.


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