5 Helpful Longboard Accessories

By: Billy James | May 24, 2023 | Longboards

Here are some helpful longboard accessories.

1. Skate Tool

Included as the first thing on this list because if any of your hardware loosens, you’ll want a skate tool handy. Sure, you could carry a few wrenches and a screwdriver, but why not have everything in one?

Any skate tool will be fine.

2. Grip Tape Cleaner

You’ll inevitably get dirt on your grip tape. You can use sanding belt cleaner. There are also skate companies that sell them, like Grip Gum.

3. Bushings

Carrying extra bushings in different durometers is a good idea. You can swap them out if you want to tweak your riding feel. They are not a necessity, but we always like to carry them.

Recommended Bushings

4. Angled Risers

Like bushings, angled riser pads are great if you want to tweak your setup’s riding feel.

You can wedge or dewedge your setup, depending on if you want to make it more/less turny.

Recommended Angled Risers

5. Extra Hardware

Extra hardware is great to carry if you lose anything or if something breaks.

Standardized skate hardware sizes…

Learn more about skate hardware here.

Billy James

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