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Razor Ripsurf

By Billy James | Updated: October 28, 2020 | Gear

The Razor Ripsurf is a fun surf-inspired Ripstik. It’s not something to get if you want to improve your surfing technique.

Tips for riding the RipSurf

If you’ve never ridden a RipStik before, then the RipSurf will have a learning curve. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been skating or surfing for 10+ years. It’s just different. It’s like learning to ride a bike for the first time. You have to practice.

1. Hold onto something

Hold onto a wall, chair, railing, or friend to help you get onto the board. This will give you a solid feel for the board before riding it. Once you get better, you can start by hopping right onto it, but don’t expect to do it at first.

2. Smooth Surfaces

Ride it on a smooth surface… something newly paved is ideal. It’s unlike a normal skateboard, where you can ride over cracks easily. You’ll feel everything much more since the wheels are thin. They’re not like traditional skateboard/longboard wheels. Bottom line, the smoother, the better.

3. Speed is your friend

The more speed you have, the more stable you’ll be. It’s pretty similar to a bike because if you go slower, it’s harder to balance. It’s ideal to start on a slight decline so you don’t have to pump immediately to gain speed.