YOW Surfskate

Updated: March 5, 2023 | Gear

YOW Surf is the brainchild of HLC Distribution.

They offer two truck systems…

  • Meraki (Spring-Based)
  • Legasee (Bushing-Based)

Functional For…

  • Surf-Inspired
  • Pumping
  • Deep Carving
  • Cruising

Meraki Truck

Type: Spring-Based
Spring: Coil (5mm or 4mm)
Bushings: 92A Barrel/Cone

YOW surfskate Meraki system is a spring-based pivoting adapter that uses a coil spring. Here’s a 360 video of it.

Legasee Truck

Type: Bushing-Based
Bushings: 92A Barrel/Cone

The Legasee truck is a bushing-based TKP. It offers more stability compared to the Meraki system. Here’s a 360 video of it.


Frequent comparisons to YOW.

YOW vs Carver

YOW’s Meraki offers a deeper carving experience. Carver is more mellow.

YOW vs Smoothstar

YOW’s Meraki dives more than Smoothstar. Almost like you’re balancing on a tightrope.

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