Vintage 1960s Skateboard Setup (Breakdown)

Updated: February 18, 2023 | Surfskates
vintage 1960s skateboard

Let’s take a look at each component. I’ll explain the specifics and why I chose them.


Length – 30″
Width – 6.75″
Wheelbase – 15.75″

The deck is made of Ash and Mahogany. I wanted to replicate the look of those old Hobie sidewalk surfer skateboards. Clear Lucid Grip on the top of the deck for barefoot riding.

1960s skateboard parts


1.25″ zinc-plated socket allen bolts

I chose countersunk because I want to ride this barefoot and not be bothered by the bolts. Allen bolts because I always somehow strip phillips head. Allen allows for more leverage and less likely to strip. More on skate hardware here.


The trucks are small TKPs by Neil Blender’s brand, the Heated Wheel. Replicated after the roller skate trucks they used in the 60s – these things carve like a dream! You can even experiment with aftermarket bushings like RipTide.

vintage tkp skateboard trucks


The wheels are 60mm EZ Hawgs by Landyachtz. I haven’t experienced any wheelbite, however I still haven’t pushed it that hard. I might get some Powell G-Slides – I’ve heard great things about them.

ez hawgs landyachtz wheels

Bottom Line

I’m super stoked with how this setup came out. It’s a blast to bring to my local concrete pump track and ride it like I’m surfing. The next 1960s-inspired setup I have in mind is to use a deck with some flex. If you build your own version, tag us on Instagram.

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