Smoothstar Surfskate Review (Tested & Comparisons)

By Billy James | May 8, 2023 | Surfskates

Smoothstar’s thruster uses compression springs, allowing you to adjust the riding tension. They’re solid for slower, more technical surf training. With a small amount of pump, Smoothstar’s thruster will carry your momentum efficiently. They’re functional for surf training, pumping, and deep carving riding styles.

smoothstar thruster surfskate

Who is Smoothstar best for?

If you want a surfskate that you can use as a technical surf trainer, Smoothstar is a solid option. I’ll use my Smoothstar to do slower, drawn-out turns in flat parking lots.

Personally, I think it really has helped me focus on engaging my upper body and translating that into my actual surfing. You should not get a Smoothstar if you want a surfskate that is mellow. If that’s the case, I’d suggest looking into Carver.

Smoothstar vs YOW

The major difference is that YOW feels more “divey”. YOW dives deeper, whereas Smoothstar pivots side to side more. They’re both great surfskate adapters, just a different riding feel.