Loaded Boards (FAQs & History)

Updated: September 17, 2023 | Longboards

Loaded Boards, headquartered in El Segundo, California, was founded in 2000.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and pushing the boundaries have solidified their reputation as a leading longboard brand. Not only are their setups highly functional, but they also resemble works of art.

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Their boards and wheels cover a variety of riding styles, including…

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Are Loaded Longboards worth it?

Yes, Loaded longboards are worth it. I bought their Loaded Tan Tien in 2013, and I still ride it to this day. They make high-quality, functional longboards that are well worth the price. They’re also an independent company that genuinely cares about pushing the longboard community forward.

Why are Loaded Boards so expensive?

Loaded Boards are so expensive because of the materials and lifetime warranty. Many of their boards use premium materials like bamboo and fiberglass to create a soulful riding experience. They can justify a higher price tag because they’ve proven to create high-quality longboards that they stand behind.


Loaded Boards was driven by the founders’ passion for skateboarding and alternative transportation methods. They were inspired by the growing demand for eco-friendly products and recognized the potential for longboards as a sustainable mode of personal transportation.

In the early years, they focused on developing flexy, high-performance longboards inspired by snowboarding. In 2002 they launched their first board, the Vanguard. Since then, they have continued to expand their product range, incorporating new materials, innovative shapes, and cutting-edge design.

They have cultivated a strong community by sponsoring events and athletes. The history of Loaded is marked by innovation, passion, and dedication to the growth and development of the skate community.


Loaded Boards archive from past Concrete Wave Magazine issues.

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