Loaded Carver Bolsa Review (Tested & Compared)

By Billy James | September 25, 2023 | Surfskates

The Loaded Carver Bolsa is a quality surfskate functional for deep carving and pumping riding styles. However, it won’t carve as deep as other spring-based surfskate adapters. It’s enjoyable for longer distances because of it’s stability. The lifted wheel wells could be too aggressive for some.

loaded carver bolsa surfskate

Which setup to choose?

If you want something a little more stable and versatile, go for the CX setup. If you want something that pumps easier than the CX, go for the C7 setup. You can find a more in-depth comparison of Carver trucks here.

If you have a local shop that carries the Loaded Carver Bolsa, buy from them.

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Length: 31” / 78.75 cm
Width: 9.4” / 24 cm
Wheelbase: 16 & 17” / 40 & 43 cm
Deck Weight: 3 lb / 1.35 kg

The deck has some concave, flared wheel wells and two-wheelbase options. The concave combined with the flared wheel wells can be used to lock into deep carves. The dual wheelbase options allow you to experiment.


Diameter: 70mm
Contact Patch: 53mm

Your Bolsa will come with either the Orangatang 4President (77a, blue) or (80a, orange) wheels. The 77a’s will grip the pavement better and fit deep carving riding styles.

orangatang 4president 77a blue wheels

The 80a’s will grip but will also be easier to throw out and powerslide if you want. However, it will be harder to slide than a wheel with a round lip.

orangatang 4president 80a orange wheels


Hangar: 6.25″
Axle: 9″

Offered with Carver’s CX or C7 trucks. You can learn more about the differences between them in this breakdown.

The C7 is the closest “surfskate” truck since it’s a pivoting-based. It has a tension spring in the front, making it ride loose and flowy.

The CX is a bushing-based design, but because of the geometry, it still offers a deep carving experience. Compared to the C7, it’s tighter and snappier, especially with the shorter wheelbase.


Another unique part of this surfskate are the bushings.

On the C7, the back bushings are swapped out with Orangatang 90a Knuckles. On the CX setup, both the front and back bushings are swapped out with Orangatang 87a and 90a knuckles.

RipTide also offers great aftermarket bushings for Carver.

Especially considering the stock Carver bushings on the CX are 89a. It makes sense the knuckles offer a little more juice.


Type: Built-Ins
Shields: Double-Capped
Material: Chromium Steel

Loaded JEHU built-in bearings made in Taiwan using Japanese grease.

They’re solid, but if I were being nit-picky, I’d love to see different color variations in the future.


Loaded Coyote

34” / 86 cm
9.125” / 23.18 cm
20.75” / 52.71 cm

Loaded Omakase

38.4″ / 97.5 cm
10″ / 25.4 cm
28.25″ / 71.76 cm

Loaded Poke

34” / 86 cm
9.125” / 23.18 cm
20.75” / 52.71 cm

Loaded Bolsa vs Coyote

The Coyote and Bolsa are the most similar. The length is pretty much the same but that extra width on the Bolsa in my opinion makes a pretty significant difference. The angle of the kicktail and nose are pretty much identical. The flared wheel wells and concave are slightly more aggressive on the Bolsa, which makes sense from a carving perspective.

loaded bolsa vs loaded coyote

Loaded Bolsa vs Omakase

The Bolsa is much lighter than the Omakase. The Omakase has a more aggressive concave, but the kicktail is slightly more low-key. Both have dual wheelbase options. The Loaded Omakase was made for heavy-duty electric skate setups.

loaded bolsa vs loaded omakase

Community Feedback

We asked our community to share their Loaded Bolsa experience.

Bolsa CX version.

“It is my first surfskate. I like the shape, good size for me, I really love the concave. CX are really good, for a beginner, very stable. I don’t like that you have to wax every part of the trucks when new, at the price. The board is quite heavy. The paint is beautiful, seems thick but it is very fragile. With just a wheelbite, it can be removed. So you can imagine the mess after some crash. Wheelbite is also an issue, especially when you change the wheelbase. I love the board (because of the shape and the CX) but it is not perfect.”


Bolsa CX version

Pros: The deck is super well made and the concave and profile make for a great around-town board. The CX trucks are a joy to use for cruising and park stuff, and the 16-17in wheelbase seems to be a sweet spot for most skaters.

Cons: Feels way more like a really carvy cruiser than a surfskate to me, and the tail is a bit short. Also, I get wheelbite with the stock 70s.”


Bolsa CX version

“Bolsa CX, favorite board. Little wheel bite, and wish it had flex. Good outweighs the bad”