Shred Shack Rebrands Into Concrete Waves

Updated: March 17, 2023 | New

We’ve officially rebranded Shred Shack into Concrete Waves.

This resulted from joining forces with Michael Brooke from Concrete Wave Magazine. Michael permitted us to use the name “Concrete Waves” and archive content from his past magazine issues.

Billy will steer the ship with Michael’s guidance.

Besides the brand name, what other changes are there?

The content will be similar, just expanded.



Instead of publishing subjective opinions, our product breakdowns will be focused on objective teardowns/comparisons. You can see what the new product breakdown format looks like here.

To summarize what we will focus on…

Behind The Brand

This section will highlight brands we believe are a positive force in the industry. Concrete Wave Magazine published some great content in the past. From manufacturing profiles to interviews with brand founders, the goal is to highlight the best brands.


As mentioned above, Concrete Wave Magazine has a ton of content from the past. There’s a lot that needs to live on. From the history of Gordon & Smith to Carver’s Truck Diary, this section will be a blast from the past.

This is not the end – a new chapter begins. Welcome to Concrete Waves.